Man pages make my eys bleed. They are an illegible smattering of commands and options that leave me guessing every time.

Enter tldr-pages. Want to learn the basics of nginx, just type…

$ tldr nginx

And you are met with this simple list of descriptions and examples

- Start server with the default config file:

- Start server with a custom config file:
    nginx -c config_file

- Start server with a prefix for all relative paths in the config file:
    nginx -c config_file -p prefix/for/relative/paths

- Test the configuration without affecting the running server:
    nginx -t

- Reload the configuration by sending a signal with no downtime:
    nginx -s reload

Or use a man page and decipher this…

$ man nginx
nginx [-?hqTtVv] [-c file] [-g directives] [-p prefix] [-s signal]

Ok but how to I tldr all the things?

$ brew install tldr

Don’t have brew? Get brew.